Dunstable – TWSM

  • Client: Dunstable – TWSM
  • Date: October 2012
  • Address: Dunstable, Bedfordshire
  • Price: £600,000

Former Rubber factory was purchased by TWSM in 2012. MML were commissioned as Principle Contractor to remediate historic hotspots related to the sites former use.

Contamination, namely hydrocarbons had migrated into the underlying chalk subsoil’s. Additionally hazardous levels of heavy metals had been identified along with wide spread asbestos within the made ground across the site.

MML successfully removed the identified fuel contaminated to a Soil Treatment Facility. Remnant underground structures such as UST's and concrete footings were found to be present during this phase.

MML were then commissioned to ensure the site was cleared of buried obstructions, which would facilitate piling of the sites 66 commercial properties without hindrance. The made ground was excavated sorted and screened. Processed soils were then tested and re-used or removed to landfill.

Due to the widespread contamination and presence of low level asbestos fibres within the made ground an anti-dig membrane and a capillary break layer was placed in all garden areas. Re-use of soils onsite was controlled under the CL:AIre definition of waste code of practice.




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