Newton Leys, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

  • Client: Taylor Wimpey (South Midlands)
  • Date: July 2011 – Present Day Value
  • Address: Newton Leys, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
  • Price: £885,000

Materials Movement were appointed Principal Contractor to demolish Slad Farm at the Newton Leys development. This consisted of removal of all asbestos tiles and cement sheeting from all the outbuildings.

This aspect was monitored by an ecologist due to the existence of bats within the roof cavities of the farm house. Once this phase d been completed and all wastes removed and aggregates recycled the earthworks begun. Basin 2 was excavated and soils engineered in to allow access for the proposed 3a and 3b developments.

In 2012 bulk earthworks movements were commissioned. Over the following 24 months over 100,000m3 of soils were cut, hauled, placed and engineered. This included landscaping around Willow Lake, excavation of drainage ponds, engineered fill of the employment areas and creation of landscape bunds. Employment Area 1 is now the home of Taylor Wimpey South Midlands Head office.

Many Ecological and Logistical obstacles needed to be overcome during the works. An area known as the Callow Mound was known to support caloricious grass which had evolved as an important breeding ground for butterflies. During a ‘Translocation Trial’ 4,800m3 soils were transported 2,000 meters to the adjourning landfill site. Topsoil’s were removed and bunded. Subsoil’s were then loaded onto 35 tonne dump trucks and transported onto the landfill. Once subsoil’s had been placed the topsoil’s were hauled and placed. Soils were then sealed and left for the grass to grow.

Throughout the works baily bridges were used to safely cross the Jubilee Brook, Newt Fencing had to be protected the dumpers especially during prolonged periods of wet weather and numerous public rights of way managed and controlled.




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