Persimmon Homes – Deal Landfill

  • Client: Persimmon Homes South East
  • Date: March to July 2015
  • Address: Hancocks Field, Deal, Kent
  • Price: £470,000.00 +

MML were contracted to carry out the remediation required of the former landfill site at Hancocks Field in Deal, Kent. Working closely with consultants from LEAP Environmental, MML were able to remove 50m¬3 of hazardous and over 3800m3 of non-hazardous soils. An anti-dig layer of marker terram and crushed concrete was then placed in the garden areas before being backfilled with clean subsoil and topsoil.

An engineered fill of the road layout was required to achieve an acceptable CBR. Following the CL:AIRE code of practice and under guidance from the environmental specialists, a suitable material was sourced on site, reducing the amount of imported material that was required.

Due to the environment sensitive of the site with the proximity of local residence, MML conducted dust, noise and vibration monitoring over the project to ensure that they remained within guideline levels.



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