Barratt Homes – Letchworth/Codicote

  • Client: Barratt Homes
  • Date: November 2015
  • Address: Black Horse Rd, Letchworth/ Codicote Quarry, Codicote
  • Price: £150,000+

MML were contracted to remove asbestos contaminated crushed concrete from Black Horse Road in Letchworth.

200m3 of hazardous hotspots identified in the stockpile were removed first and transported directly to a hazardous landfill in Peterbourgh. The remaining Non-hazardous crushed material was removed to Codicote quarry for screening.

With the purpose of reducing the amount of waste being transferred to landfill, MML screened the crushed material in order to remove everything below 10mm from the crushed. This is the fraction at which the asbestos contamination was found. During the screening, the stockpile was sprayed with an asbestos strip liquid surfactant, to reduce airborne dust. The fines were removed to a non-hazardous landfill, creating a reusable crushed concrete material.

A total of 370m3 of non-hazardous waste was removed to landfill and 3300m3 of reusable material created.


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