Barratt Homes – Langley Road, Slough

  • Client: Barratt Homes London
  • Date: June 2016 – January 2017
  • Address: Langley Road, Slough
  • Price: £525,000+

MML were the principal contractor responsible for carrying out all the preliminary works to prepare the site for construction to begin. These works included contracted arboriculture works, remediation, demolition, recycling of materials and installing piling mats. During the works MML worked closely with the environmental partners, LEAP Environmental to ensure that a minimum amount of material was transferred to landfill. 

Over 16000m2 of breaking out concrete slab and tarmac was conducted on site. The concrete slab was known to contain asbestos fragments on the underside. All concrete was turned and checked before it was stockpiled as clean or contaminated. The clean material was crushed and remained on site as a reusable aggregate for construction purposes. 4 underground storage tanks up to 4m deep were excavated and backfilled under guidance from the environmental consultants.  

Soil found beneath the surface were identified as containing asbestos fibres, Contamination was delineated by the environmental consultants and excavated by MML for removal to a licenced landfill. 7000 tonnes of non-hazardous soils were transported to landfill. MML also cut and engineer filled back into the ground to adequate levels for construction, ensuring that clean soils were stockpiled separately for reuse during construction.  

 MML also installed and tested the pile mats prior to mobilisation of the piling rig.


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