Kings Reach Development – Biggleswade

  • Client: Consortium Project
  • Date: July 2015 – September 2016
  • Address: Kings Reach, Biggleswade
  • Price: £950,000+

MML were the principal contractor for the earthworks on the four Public Open Space (POS) areas at the Kings Reach Development in Biggleswade. This involved working with designers and clients to ensure that all cut and fill strategies were planned to work efficiently and with minimal movement of materials around the development.  

MML were responsible for ensuring that all the ground levels were accurately achieved per design levels. Our in-house engineering facilities and use of a GPS assisted Dozer allowed MML to work to designs within a very small tolerance and easily adapt to design changes.

MML also installed all the underground drainage channels over the POS areas. A French drain system was installed by MML importing shingle and perforated pipe. The excavated soils were reused in the landscaping phase.  

The Kings Reach Development maintained a goal of having no muck away from the site. MML worked to manage materials and stockpile excess soils for future use by other contractors and sourcing suitable materials on site where necessary. All vehicle movements were planned as to minimise the disturbance to any surrounding residence.  

MML also contracted the construction of the footpaths around the POS areas and a Multi-Use Games Area.


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